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    InDesign - How do I change PDF export options when PACKAGING

    leather.bird Level 1

      Hey everybody, I've got an InDesign question that's been bugging me, but I'm not sure I can adequately describe it.

      I'm gonna try, hopefully it makes sense, and it would be awesome if someone could help me out.


      When you package an InDesign document a PDF is automatically generated.

      I can't figure out where to change the settings for this PDF that is created.

      For example: when packaging, I'd like to choose between pages vs spreads, or change Marks and Bleeds settings for the PDF that will be created.


      The packaging process seems to just go with whatever was last used.

      So a workaround that seems to do the trick is to go: File / Export... change the settings in the following dialog boxes, and then actually export the PDF.

      Then when you go back to package your file, the packaging process creates another PDF using whatever settings you chose when exporting the first one.


      That's cool I guess, it works, but this seems like a waste of time.

      Is there a setting somewhere that you can modify before you package the file WITHOUT exporting a dummy PDF?


      Thanks for reading!


      — Scott