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    No sound in MP4 format


      Good evening, everyone. I tried to search for a solution, but I couldn't find one..

      Im using AE CC 2015.3 , running on Mac OS X . Ive been using the program for over 3yrs, and never had this problem before. Since the beginning i was using my old camera for a footage, it records in MP4 format. In previous versions AE everything was smooth, and nice. After an upgrade, all my vids lost audio, when I drag them to the composition. By that, i mean once I hit preview, basically no sound, no waveform. I checked the "speaker" icon - its on. Composition - preview - audio didn't help.Tried to change format to wav... Encoded into audio file.. still nothing.. When I play them on quick time player, everything works just perfectly. If I drag different video from the same format (but recorded with different camera, different sets) to composition, then the audio is back. I have over 300GB of footage on my drive, and tight schedule to finish everything. I really need your help, guys.

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