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    Navigation Pane equivalent in InDesign?


      I wrote a 25 chapter textbook in Word. I am good at navigating my document in word using the Navigation Pane. I can click on any heading or subheading and go immediately to that position in the text.

      I paid a publisher to convert my whole textbook to InDesign. It looks great now in InDesign, but I can’t navigate my document nearly as well. I just have to scroll the pages up and down looking for the right chapter or sub-chapter. It’s a 400 page book so this isn’t nearly as efficient.

      Is there any navigation pane equivalent in InDesign? Where I can go directly to “section 16.4” for example? Maybe the publisher took some shortcuts converting to InDesign, not sure. But what would be the best way to get to specific chapters, sections in a big InDesign document.