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    Embedding pdfs into a webpage for ipad use


      We provide Data Visualizations to our clients and together with those visualizations we provide them with data packs in PDF format. We display the visualizations via our own website and we want to be able to embed the pdf’s on the same page.

      The intended use of this solution will be on ipads and its presenting us with a bunch of problems because embedded pdfs do not behave well on the ipad.


      Someone suggested we see if Adobe provided any solution...for eg is there anyway to get the browser on the ipad to use the Adobe reader (assuming its installed) to display the pdf.

      Is Content Server something we can use to embed pdfs and display within the browser?


      If anyone has any suggestions here it would be greatly appreciated.


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          Adorobat Adobe Employee

          Hi mgottlieb108,


          I am sorry for the delay in response.


          The setup you are referring is not possible. However, if you are looking to work on the PDF forms, you may refer to the following link: LiveCycle Help | Mobile Forms - Developer


          Let me know if you have further questions.


          Thank You,


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            Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

            Just to add detail: in Safari (other browsers may be different but probably aren't), the PDF displaying is done by asking iOS to display the PDF content. It does this using the built-in PDF functions in iOS - which will be different in each release, so it isn't a separate product to update. There is no way for an app to get involved in this process at all.


            Even if one set out to write a new browser that did use Acrobat Reader I think you'd face difficult problems because each app exists in its own world, and can only send stuff between the apps. An app can't (I think) be responsible for part of the screen in another app.

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