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    parameters not getting passed in function

    chieffan Level 1
      I have this function that takes values to resize and position a feedback movie clip and the text box inside that movie clip

      function feedback(xloc, yloc, feedback_y, redbox_height, redbox_y) {
      feedback1_mc._x = xloc;
      feedback1_mc._y = yloc;
      feedback1_mc.feedback._y = feedback_y;
      feedback1_mc.feedback.autoSize = true;
      feedback1_mc.redBox_mc._height = redbox_height;
      feedback1_mc.redBox_mc._y = redbox_y;

      when a button is pressed it is called by a case statement

      case 1 :

      The problem is I have one box that is larger then the rest. When you click it, it expands the movie clip redbox and the feedback (redbox is a red outline of the feedback box inside the feedback1_mc movie clip and feedback is the text box.)

      What that case looks like is
      case 5 :

      So when I click back on button 1, the value of 130 sticks and the box won't resize back down.

      Any idea what may be causing this to happen?