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    Choppy Audio In Ram Preview, Regardless Of The File Format (CC 2015.3)

    Filippo Marchetti


      I am experiencing a serious issue with audio.

      No matter the complexity of the project, my After Effects (OS X- CC 2015.3) suffers from a very choppy audio preview even when fully loaded into the ram.

      People usually suggest to use only WAV files, but i have been experiencing this issue with all the formats i used (WAV, MP3, M4a).

      I aware that other users have been writing similar threads, but i have read this issue has been plaguing After Effects since the end of 2015 and Adobe really needs to do something about it, even though i didn't experience this bug earlier in 2016.

      Is there any kind of temporary fix i can perform, while adobe HOPEFULLY tries to work out a solution?

      Thanks for the attention and have a nice day.


      Operative System:

      Mac OS X 10.10.5 "Yosemite"