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    stewart tower Level 1

      Good day:


      I work for a provincial government design group. We're trying to get a copy of Recosoft's PDFtoID plug-in but our IT people are a bit nervous of the company. I've tried the demo on my office computer and had no problem. In an effort to coddle our support people, I offered to query this group for any input.


      Has anyone experienced security issues with this company or their products?



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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          I don't know any security issues.

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            jane-e Adobe Community Professional

            They are a longtime sponsor of InDesign Secrets. As such, David Blatner and Anne-Marie Conception talk about them frequently on the podcast and they always have a booth at the InDesign and PePcon conferences. I have only heard good things about them over many years and have never heard of a security issue.

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              DavidMWE Level 1

              Hello, you could also check out Markzware. We are twenty years in business, founded and based in California, USA. And we also have a PDF to InDesign converter that offers a superior conversion, called PDF2DTP. Watch: PDF2ID vs PDF2DTP - PDF to InDesign converters - YouTube


              Friendly Regards,

              David Dilling of Markzware

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                ohmnath Adobe Employee

                Hi Stewart,


                As the question you posted is more qualifying as a general discussion and public opinion on a third party product, I've unmarked it as a question and made it a Discussion instead. As you already got a few opinions, I firmly believe that should help you to make a decision. As per as I am concerned, even I've not got any negatives for the same.




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                  stewart tower Level 1

                  Thanks for the input. Both look good but I'm still undecided. Markzware gets some good reviews but they don't offer a trial version. They explained why but it would still be nice to have a demo. I'll keep on reading.


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                    Mark Singelyn Level 1

                    Hi Stewart, I would be happy to do a sample conversion of a PDF file to InDesign if yosend me one to my email address: mark@markzware.com and let me know what version of InDesign you are using.


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                      Paul Chadha Level 1

                      Hello Stewart -


                      I represent Recosoft (www.recosoft.com) the creators of PDF2ID. What security concerns does your IT department have? All of our product installers are signed with certificates issued by either Apple or GlobalSign to ensure authenticity of the products. Our web site is also https secure. As a side note, PDF2ID doesn't perform any kind of network spoofing or "call home".


                      If you require further authenticity, we regularly exhibit at Pepcon and Adobe Max. If your IT department has further questions please contact us at info AT recosoft.com and we can answer any questions you have.

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                        stewart tower Level 1

                        Thanks for the input, Paul. I'm not sure what the issues are. There are two different assessment teams involved. I'll forward your information to our IT group. I've told them that the demo version we tried posed to problems.

                        Thanks, again.