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    LiveCycle Designer Forms to AIR

    Niall O'Donovan Level 7

      I have a LC Designer ES form, which I would like to develop as a standalone AIR application.

      The form relates to statistics and contains tables, text fields, numeric fields. The form also contains various calculations, which populate fields.

      I would like the AIR application to allow the user input data, which allows the application to carry out the various calculations and then chart/graph the results.

      Ideally the AIR application would allow the user to save the xml data and allow them to re-import it back in to the AIR application. Also I would like the AIR application to export/print the data (preferablly to PDF), including graphs and addition text fields (warnings, conditions, etc).

      Is there an easy way to transfer the LC form over to AIR, maybe as a template?

      Or do I have to start from scratch in AIR?

      I am considering an Aptana Studio Pro AJAX environment with the AIR plug-in.

      Any advice and suggestions gratefully received.