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    New laptop, Advice needed please


      So, I am planning on getting a new laptop that isn't a mac, that can still run adobe creative cloud.


      Was thinking of getting a 8gb, Lenovo Yoga 510 12" 2 in 1.


      Would this be able to run adobe?


      Or any other computer that would be able to run adobe under £700 and light and smaller than 15inch screen. Sorry for the specifics.


      Thank you

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          David__B Adobe Employee

          Hi NC,


          Any laptop that meets the system requirement should work (sorry don't know of any specific models to recommend). I'd definitely recommend going over the requirements for all the programs you intend to use on the computer.


          System requirements | Adobe Creative Cloud


          In addition to the amount of RAM, the speed of the CPU and video capabilities can be important to consider.



          - Dave

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            Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I cannot find any specifications on a "Lenovo Yoga 510 12" 2 in 1".  Can you supply a link to the specifications?

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              JFPhoton Level 3

              ....the printed minimum system requirements are the BARE MINIMUM to turn on the program and especially with Premiere Pro, you need decent hardware to run it smoothly. Years ago I was stung by this fact and suffered with a computer which met the minimum specs,but, turned out to be slow as molasses in real life. Thanks to the hard work done by Bill Gehrke and the late Harm Millard who gave advice on this forum, I was able to avoid making that mistake a second time. I believe that of all the programs in the CC suite, PPro and After Effects will be the most demanding of resources.  If attempting to edit 4K video,or, multiple tracks of 1080p video you should have :


              1. minimum i7 CPU...4 cores, ( 8 threads with hyperthreading) that reaches over 3.2 Ghz on turbo boost.

              2. Dedicated NVidia ONLY...no AMD....GPU with at least 4GB DDR5 video memory....6 is better.

              3. Fast storage.....this is crucial in avoiding "bottlenecks' caused by slow, spinning hard drives. This means having  at least 2 separate SSDs....one for boot, the other as your "project drive", where your media would reside.


              Newer laptops have the option of using an M.2 slot to connect a high speed NVMe PCI SSD....THIS drive would be you "project drive" while the standard SSD would be your boot drive.


              High speed external ports will allow  the use of high speed external drives which can allow working on different machines with a project.