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    Selling products with Adobe stock photos included


      I own a marketplace for website templates and design resources and I have some concerns regarding the terms of the extended license.


      Could you please comment on the following examples and tell me if it’s a valid use of a stock photo under the extended license


      1. Can I include Photos from adobe stocks in a website template that is for sale with the extended license?

      2. Can I use for example textures, particles, flames etc from adobe stocks to create brushes, photo effects or photoshop actions and sell them?

      3. Can I include the stock photo in a set/package among many other stock photos where the set/package is for sale?



      In reference to "3.2 Extended License” in the ”Adobe Stock Additional Terms” it seems like all three examples should be allowed but I’m a bit unsure, especially about the last example.



      "you may use, reproduce, distribute, or display the Work in connection with (A) design template applications intended for resale”


      "(B) any goods or services intended for resale or distribution, including, without limitation, mugs, t-shirts, posters, greeting cards, posters or other merchandise, and any "print on demand" or tangible or electronic formats”


      Thank you