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    Using a Table for Indexing

    Vista i3

      I am very new at this so any thoughts would be appreciated.

      I am building a table with some thousand part numbers and in this table i have 3 columns (Mfg #, SKU, and Page #)  I would like the Mfg numbers to be in numerical order and have the page number in the 3rd column referencing back to it's location in the catalog.




      Is something like this possible?

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          I would recommend to build up a Table of Content (in the Layout Menu) without a table. Set it up with tabulators. At the end convert the TOC into a table and apply a table style. When you set it up correctly these steps can be repeated in a few seconds if changes occur.

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            SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Are the Manufacturer's numbers and SKU numbers in a line together in the body of your catalog?

            If not, you could use Peter Kahrel's Index by List script to get this done. 

            You would need to start with a list with MFG# and SKU, separated by a comma. The script will search and index the part of the list that falls before the comma, and add the page number at the end of the line.

            When the script is done, use find & replace to put tabs in place of the commas, and then convert the text to a table.


            Index | Peter Kahrel

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              Vista i3 Level 1

              Thanks for your help Willi!  With no experience with TOC or Indexing, i decided just to use the TOC feature and forget about putting it into a Table for now.  I will look at the table thing down the road when i have more time, but i am pretty happy with the result i achieved using the TOC feature.  Thanks Again.