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    eLearning Assets


      I am having trouble accesses the Assets, namely from eLearning Brothers.  I get 3 tabs, My Assets, Get Adobe Stock Assets and Get Free eLearning Assets.  The last tab, when clicked does not populate at all.  Help!  I am looking for game templates.



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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          When you installed the patch to 9.0.2 did you Clean the Preferences and delete the Layouts folder in Public documents\Adobe\eLearning assets?

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            maeg50954585 Level 1

            Thanks Lilybiri!


            Your suggestion worked!  Can you explain why?  And what I did to cause this?  I don't want to run into it again, if possible.




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              Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Since I know Captivate you always had to do those two steps with Preferences, and also with some folders (sometimes you need to delete the Sample Projects folder as well). You forgot to do it when installing the patch, as do most users because the release notes are too well hidden and most software applications do not require such manual preparations. Both Preferences and some other folders are in the user's or Public profile, and they tend to change when a new release is there. When deleting them, there will be a brand new copy created from the originals in the installation folder of Captivate. Cleaning the Preferences will also delete some custom items, which is very annoying. For that reason I wrote this blog post, to explain some tweaks to keep customisation:

              Captivate 8.0.1 Install? Keep your Customisation! - Captivate blog