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    InDesign doesn't save all my changes, only some of them


      I use InDesign at my job to create small documents 5-10 pages in size. I have one account and use three different computers depending on which department I am supporting. I save all my work to a central server, regardless of which computer I am at. Recently I have been having issues with documents not saving all my changes. For example, I work with the content team and do 4 rounds of edits on a single document. After I send the final PDF to a colleague, they come back to me and say that some of the edits they already asked me to make are not included in the final document. The strange thing is, the missing edits are often not the last edits I made, but rather small changes made earlier in the process. So, edits from rounds 1, 2, and 4 are in the document, but edits from round 3 are not in the document. At first I thought I must not have been saving correctly, but I have been extremely diligent in the past few weeks and I am positive that this is not the case. This does not happen with every document, it has only happened with two or three documents per month for the past two months or so. I don't think this is a server connection issue, because none of my other applications have trouble with the server connection. None of my other coworkers have this issue.

      Has anyone else had this issue? It is a major source of stress for me, as I am having to constantly recheck many edits to multiple documents each day to make sure they were actually saved. What solutions have you found?