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    Exposure Problem

    rsearlenz Level 1

      Could someone please tell me what is wrong with this photo . It was rejected due to exposure problemIMG_4972.jpg

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          Daniel Swanson Level 1

          I'd say the problem is in the area of the rocks in the foreground. Yes, they're in shade. That's understandable. But there is, never the less, a substantial lack of detail in that area. If you shot in RAW format, there may be enough detail to bring up, but it's very easy for that process to make the overall image look doctored.


          You're the one in control of the final image. Sometimes, the best way to control such a thing is to wait for better lighting or re-visit the site at a different time of day, or even a different time of year.


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            rsearlenz Level 1

            Thanks for your comments but I prefer the dark shadows

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              MatHayward Adobe Employee

              I think Daniel's observation was more in line with what the moderation team would be looking at. If the dark shadows match your creative vision then that's great. Keep in mind however that what might be considered to be beautiful art, isn't necessarily viable for stock imagery with commercial use.


              I wish you the best of luck with your future uploads!


              Mat Hayward