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    loading external assets without displaying them??

      I'm stuck using AS 2 because I'm using a page-flipping script that works quite well, however now I'm trying to implement code that dynamically loads either one page or a package of pages at a time, instead of putting them all into the main flash. The problem is I don't see a way to preemtively load pages after the main flash loads and as the user browses without being forced to place them on the stage before I want them to.

      From what I've read if I use runtime sharing all links are preloaded before anything as if they were inside the original flash, therefore providing no load-time savings, right? And if I use loadMovie or loadClip that's now on stage unless I implement some elaborate _visibility system yes?

      Please tell me there's a way to do this! Or is it worth migrating the page-flipping code to AS 3 in order to use applicationDomain?