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    Importing question...

    mlondon88 Level 1


      I am following Peter Krogh's DAM workflow by importing images into subfolder within my main masters folder (ie: 2016>09>"name of shoot").

      However when I have multiple shoots on one card, I find that after I've imported one batch of images from the card, the card is no longer available in the import module and I have to eject the card and re-insert to get it to show up. I couldn't find an option to control this behaviour. Any suggestions?


      Also, this method is fine if there are just a few shoots on one card, but sometimes I have a larger number. If I use another app (such as PhotoMechanic or Ingestamatic to create a folder structure with multiple sub-folders on my hard drive, is there a way to import that pre-existing folder structure into my master folder within lightroom?


      Thank you....