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    After Effects keeps discoloring DNxHR HQX footage


      Help! I did VFX on DNxHR HQX footage in After Effects, but the exports keep coming out with a magenta tinge. My VFX was strictly equipment removal, no color effects or filters, yet the colors of the export or AE comp won't match the original footage.

      I've tried exporting Proress 444 MOVs, a DNxHR mxf, and even brought linked comps into Premiere to see if it was just the export. I've turned color management off and on within AE. No matter what, the shots with VFX have a magenta shift. I've never encountered this with footage ever before, and I've done VFX on everything from Alexa Prores shots to R3D files to A7S MXFs. Can After Effects just not properly interpret DNxHR HQX footage?