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    windows do not scale on multiple monitors with different resolutions


      I am working on a 4K resolution laptop with a FHD screen as a secondary display.  As has been noted in previous posts dating back well over 6 months, such as "window size explodes when moved to second monitor", Acrobat DC ignores the windows scaling for the second screen and uses the scaling for the primary monitor.  To get the menus large enough to read and use on the 4K screen, they then take up way too much space on the FHD screen.


      Most free software manages to work with this windows feature of different scaling on different screens.  In fact I do not use any other software that cannot cope with different scaling between monitors.  Given the cost of Acrobat Standard DC I am struggling to believe that this was an issue in a released version and worse still has not been fixed nine months after the problem has been reported.  It is not just an issue on Surface, but on any system having two different displays of different resolutions and corresponding different scaling.  In Windows 10 I am using a scaling of 200% on the 4K screen and 100% on the FHD screen.


      I have tried changing the "Auto-Detect" setting for "Scale of screen resolution" in the General preferences page to "No scaling" and back again.  Also I have tried changing the "Resolution" setting in the Page Display page from "Use system setting" to "Custom resolution", but I cannot find an acceptable setting to use between the two displays as they are so different in resolution.  I have the settings as "Auto-detect" for "Scale of screen resolution" and "Use system setting" for "Resolution", but am frustrated that nothing I try makes the software operate like all other software between multiple screens of different resolution.


      I hope there is an answer out there or if not, that Adobe quickly provide this basic functionality that is currently missing.