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    Scaling incorrect for second display

    richardm70529105 Level 1

      Using multiple displays of different resolutions where the displays have individual scaling applied has been something that Acrobat cannot handle as has been documented previously such as in “window size explodes when moved to 2nd monitor” and “scaling issue with secondary display with Surface Pro 3”. Both of these examples were with a Surface and a secondary display, but the problem seems to be present wherever a second display of different resolution and scaling is used.

      I use a 4K screen as a primary display and a FHD screen as a secondary display. In Windows 10 the scaling for the text, icons, etc. of the 4K primary display is 200% and for the FHD secondary display is 100%.

      If I set Preferences – General – Scale for screen resolution to “Auto-Detect” Acrobat uses the 200% scaling of the primary display across both screens. I have tried the No Scaling option and then setting Preferences – Page Display – Resolution to “Use system setting” and to “Custom resolution” with different pixels/inch but cannot find an acceptable setting due to the difference in the resolution between the primary and secondary displays.

      All other software (including Libre Office, not just Microsoft software) correctly applies the scaling to the individual program window in dependence on its position, i.e. the 200% when on the primary display and switching to the 100% of the secondary display as it is dragged onto that display.

      Given the cost of the Acrobat Standard DC software and the nine months since this issue was first reported I am amazed that my version with the latest updates applied still misses this most important and basic scaling functionality present in virtually all other software.

      I am presuming this is a fault of the software since I cannot find how to change the behaviour as I would expect using the Preferences and have not found a solution online, just other reports of the same problem. If not I am keen to hear what I have missed.  But if so, when can we expect a fix?