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    Best way to import assets from Illustrator to Animate and batch update?

    Squisterson Level 1

      My brother and I are working on an animation. I'm creating the drawings in Illustrator, and he's creating the animation in Animate CC. He needs to start animating already, so I'm handing him unfinished images, which I'm planning to update repeatedly throughout the project (polish, recolor,...). We're talking about hundreds of image assets. What would be the best way to set this up, so we don't have to manually export and import every image?


      So far, all I can think of is creating all assets as PNGs. This way he could auto-update all images easily (providing the size/center doesn't change). But we'd like to explore the possibility of keeping everything as vectors. Is there an easy export/import method for this?


      If we decided to go with PNGs after all, and we created the assets large enough for all intents and purposes, would there be any downside? Would there be a loss of quality when rotating and scaling, as opposed to using vectors?