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    Cannot launch Lightroom 5.4


      I purchased Lightroom 5.4 as a Student in May 2014.  Downloaded and launched with no problems whatsoever.  Have been using it daily until yesterday when I tried to launch it and came up with the error "Server Busy" - The action cannot be completed because the other program is busy.  Choose "Switch To" to activate the the busy program and correct the problem.  Tried this, nothing works.  See below for more detail.  I have been to different forums where they talk about how to fix this issue, tried everything they said and still have the error.  Have even tried uninstalling and re-installing Lightroom from my original download when I purchased it.  STILL have the same problem.  Please help, I am beside myself with frustration.  Hopefully someone out there has had this happen and has a solution that will work for me.  Many thanks in advance.


      Lightroom Problem-1.jpg