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    E_ACT_NOT_READY on Android




      I have installed ADE 4.5 on my Tablet running Android 5.0.  Software installs OK.

      Authorization with my Adobe ID: OK.

      Downloading an eBook: OK.

      When I open the eBook, I got the Error E_ACT_NOT_READY.



      Canceling the authorization is not working too: Error Message "authorization can not be
      deleted Try again later."


      I have seen, there are more People wich have the same Problem.


      I also tried to contact the Adobe Support, but there I can't get help for Android Systems (only MAC and Windows). The supporter told me to put my Question again into the Forum. Here it is.


      I hope that one of the developers of ADE 4.5 can say under what circumstances the error E_ACT_NOT_READY occurs and how to overcome these circumstances.

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          thilow3330347 Level 1

          Now I found the solution of this Problem myself:

          • Local deauthorization on "Digital Editions"
          • Under "Settings" - "Apps" -  "Adobe Digital Editions": clearing the cache, deleting the data and exiting the app
          • Manual deleting the folder named ".adobe-digital-Editions" (this is, what I have never tried before)


          And now it works.