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    Updating or recreating a TOC ??


      The TOC in my InDesign document was set up by a publisher and it looks really nice.

      Problem is that I have made edits, so the page number aren't right anymore. And they made the TOC without doing "create pdf bookmarks" which I really need.


      I tried making another TOC, but it comes out really ugly, not pretty at all like the one that the publisher made.

      I tried making another TOC with the "replace TOC" checked, but it didn't replace the other TOC. Anyway, don't really want to replace the old TOC, just update it.


      Any tips for how I can either update the existing TOC to have proper revised page numbers (and create bookmark links if possible),


      Make a new TOC that follows the format of a TOC that is already created (I checked the "Table of Content Styles" box, there is only default).


      Here is the nice looking orignial TOC I would like to update or recreate:




      and here is the really crappy TOC that I get when I try to make a new one:




      I'm not even sure what all those "4"s are at the end of each line.

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          If the original TOC was done with the TOC functionality of InDesign, you can check the bookmark option, if not create your owh, which is not difficult.

          You need for each heading level a specific TOC level paragraph style. You have to work with paragraph styles in the content and in the TOC.

          Normally the 4 would be the page number. But here it is not the case. Place a screenshot here of the extended TOC set up dialog, when one of the levels with 4 is selected. So we can tell you, where it comes from.

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            Salah Fadlabi Level 5

            From your screen shot i think there's a 3 paragraph styles for TOC .

            Here is a quick sample:

            1- Contents TOC paragraph style with paragraph rules


            2- TOC Chapter style (+nested style and character style"blue color")

            TOC chapter.jpg

            TOC chapter2.jpg

            3- Body style

            TOC body.jpg


            4- TOC setting ( Contents & Chapter with number page)


            Body without number page


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              Skemicle Level 3

              As Willi Adelberger said, If the original TOC was done with the TOC functionality of InDesign, just edit the current TOC style to check the create bookmarks options.. Also, when exporting you need to make sure the export option to include bookmarks is checked. If not then the bookmarks won't be exported.

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                drew345 Level 1

                Thanks everybody! Some follow up replies and questions here.


                Willi Adelberger


                The TOC is created from text with the following paragraph styles in the main document:


                [Basic Paragraph]+ (Chapter Headings)

                Bar-T   (subchapter headings)


                One problem is that there is text with those same paragraph styles that should not appear on the TOC, (as you can see from my attempt at a TOC above). Not sure how to selectively choose some Bar-T for TOC and not other Bar-T (for example)


                Screenshot attached at bottom here.



                Salah Fadlabi


                Thanks for the post. I see now how to format different parts of TOC as different paragraph styles.


                That looks not too difficult to set up. Just curious though. The publisher already made the nice TOC one time. Now, to make my updated TOC, any way to copy all the nice formatting of original TOC, or must just recreate it each time for updating (maybe page numbers change or sections added)




                You mention to edit the current TOC style, but there is no TOC style saved. Under the TOC Style is only [Default] . And when I select [Default] it starts as empty, not formatted for the current TOC. Any way I can “create” or “resurrect” a TOC style from an existing TOC?



                Thanks again to all! I am learning fast!


                TOC dialog.PNG

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                  Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                  You have to create new para styles based on Bar-T (as a child) and apply them properly to the text, so you can set up the TOC settings properly for these kinds of text.

                  The entry style must NOT be the same style as the paragraph style which is used in the text.

                  Working with [No Paragraph Style] for anything, neither for the Title nor for anything else is to avoid in any case.

                  When it comes to the number 4 which appears in the TOC, I assume it results from non-Western settings, where it is possible to have the chapter number on the end of a paragraph. In Western versions, it would not be possible. You have to look up into your paragraph style settings. But I assume also if you set up dedicated para styles for the TOC, the problem is gone.