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    Automatcally export lab or rgb histogram values from a selection



      I use Photoshop a lot for color analysis from digital images.

      I basically take a selection of the object to analyse in the image and get the lab and/or rgb values from the histogram panel.

      I haven't found yet a method to automatically export the data as a text or excel file so I punch it manually and this is time consuming.


      I came across the "measurement log" panel and was wondering if I could use this tool to export the data I need e.g. mean values of L, a and b corresponding to my selection.

      When I open the histogram.csv file exported from the measurement log I only get 3 rows of a long list of numbers. I guess this is the pixel distribution among the 3 channels. How can I extract the mean values, eventually st. dev and median, in a simple way that would be faster than manual data punching.


      Thanks for you help.