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    Trouble with Camera Movement and Comp


      I'm fresh to After Effects and I'm trying to troubleshoot what I'm doing wrong with trying to make a camera move that starts wide and then slowly moves into the pins that are falling on the East Coast of this map. If I don't select the continuous rasterize button on my comp, the camera moves in on the comp that's underneath it fine, but it obviously remains blurry. Yet, if I do select the continuous rasterize button, the camera move no longer affects the entire comp, it just makes a move on the pin elements within the comp. Also, the pins become blurry and they are vector. The comp I created the pins within has all of the continuous rasterize buttons pressed for each layer.


      Any ideas on how to fix this or a different approach I would greatly appreciate!

      Thanks for your time,



      • I've included links to the video clips in question along with a screen-shot below.
      Public Link: http://adobe.ly/2cWYwod  - Comp with no move and rasterized
      Public Link: http://adobe.ly/2cz4KKF - Comp with camera move and rasterized
      Public Link: http://adobe.ly/2d3FCZZ - Comp with camera move and no rasterizing
      Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 10.44.03 AM.png