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    Batch convert all page hyperlinks to a new file


      Hi. I created a manual for a client that has over 300 page links in it. They are making edits to the file and I want to give it a new file name to keep it separate from the old version. If I rename it though, I will lose all the hyperlinks. Is there a way to batch covert all the hyperlinks so I won't have to manually edit each one to the new file name? I'm not great with writing scripts and the apple or java find/change one isn't working for me. Any other ideas? These are not images, so pointing to a new folder doesn't work. These are not URL hyperlinks either. It's a line of text that says, "See page 45 for..." and that is a hyperlink to page 45 in the same document.


      Thanks for any instructions and help!


      - Paulina