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    How do I get rid of the start screen in Flash Professional cs6?

    roncurington Level 1

      I have used flash in its early versions but have not had reason to use it for many years. I have it installed on my desktop and now find myself needing to use it for a small project. So I open the program and of course it opens to that really annoying Start screen. and as it turns out I can find no way to exit that Start screen. My screen resolution is at 1024 X 768 and I can easily see the entire Start screen. But what I can not see is any way too exit that screen which is a genuine issue because It won't allow me to proceed with my project. I have even selected one of the option listed; "Flash Project" but still the start screen doesn't go away .


      How can I get rid of the Start screen & can I make it go away for ever.???