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    Premier Elements video imports as green/pink pattern


      I am trying to import a .MP4 video in Premiere Elements 12, but I keep getting video clips of green and pink snow. The video plays fine in Windows Media Player, and I have never had this issue when opening other video files in Premiere Elements. I'm guessing it is some kind of codec issue, but I don't know how to resolve it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. A screen grab is attached, and the file details are below.



      Alex J



      Length 00:02:17

      Frame width 720

      Frame height 480

      Data rate 1106kbps

      Total bitrate 1234kbps

      Frame rate 29 frames/second



      Bit rate 128kbps

      Channels 2 (stereo)

      Audio sample rate 44 kHz



      Item type MP4 Video

      Size 20.2 MB

      Attributes A


      Premiere Elements Video Issue.jpg