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    Issue with 3D vs 2D Image's Orientation/Rotation Values


      So, usually I find my answer's amongst the posts, but this particular resolution I wasn't able to find. So, I'm wondering if anyone can help me with an issue I'm having in AE?


      I have a 2D image that is placed on top of a 3D image. Both images are in 3D space. Originally, the images were completely and cohesively moving together, but at some point, thinking I had my selection tool in use, I instead had my rotation tool in use and rotated the image out of sync completely.


      I now have the two images, that are at 0 degrees in rotation and orientation, but are showing at an angle, instead of showing at a flat point. I'm wondering if there is a quick fix to this rotation issue (as the rotation and orientation values are at 0). Is there any way to revert or find the values for the 3D rotation/orientation that I'm missing? I would at this point just start over and re-do the work, but I'm trying to be time efficient. I feel like there is just something simple that I'm missing.