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    Editing the custom cropping ratios

    Samoreen Level 3



      In LR, there's absolutely no possibility to edit the custom cropping ratios. Which is already a problem that should have been fixed since a long time. Now let's assume that the stacking mechanism managing these custom ratios (5 entries max and first in first out management) is corrupted and stuck. What can you do ? If you are a user with no database management skills, nothing. Period.


      Strangely enough, these settings are not stored in the preference file where they could be manually edited but in the catalog, a SQLite database. If you can deal with an SQLite management tool, you will be able to fix the problem. The relevant information can be found in the table named Adobe_variablesTable, entry named Adobe_customCropAspects.


      Maybe it's time for Adobe to make this feature more usable ?