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    Fitting object to frame button


      Some time a go I updated my Indesign and some things have changed. And I lost some very important buttons in my menu, which are the buttons to use when you want to fit your obect to your frame or the other way around.
      I know this is still possible with ctrl + alt + c, or ctrl + alt + e, or even in the menu. But the buttons were so much easier for me. Does anybody know if I can get them back and how?

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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

          Yes. The last upgrade accommodates HiDPI screens, and so the buttons are all bigger. The ones you are looking for don't fit anymore and they fell off the right side of your display.


          The first section in this article shows the difference:



          You can:

          • Buy a bigger monitor (kidding)
          • Increase the resolution setting on the current monitor
          • Or customize the Control panel by removing buttons you don't need and making room for the ones you do


          To customize the Control panel, pick Customize from the panel menu on the far right of the Control panel, and uncheck little used buttons under Object. Leave the Frame Fitting commands, of course!

          InDesign CCss_010.png