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    Indesign CC and Acrobat Coloring Issues


      Hello there,


      I have a pretty interesting problem with my CC Indesign and Acrobat. Colors are appearing off in indesign. For example, my turquoise pantone is appearing sky blue, and the white copy over it appears brownish/grey. Light grey elements that I have on a white background don't appear at all. When exporting out PDFs in acrobat, my whites appear brownish/grey on every page and every graphic. Some elements have this color box behind the text and some graphic elements. When i view my PDF in output preview, everything appears perfect (accurate colors, no weird boxes) but some of the light grey elements that should be there disappear.


      This is the first time I am experiencing anything like this. I updated my indesign CC to the latest version, and even uninstalled/reinstalled it. Additionally I did a hard refresh on all of my indesign settings. I am just very confused and would greatly appreciate if anyone could provide insight to my problem.