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    Adobe Genuine Software failure message.

    jwestveer Level 1

      Hi guys,


      I bought Lightroom in 2012, 2013 and 2015 for my Mac.  I have them all licensed and they all show up on my Adobe products page.


      Lately I have been getting an annoying popup window that insinuates that my software is not "Genuine".


      So like a dummy, I call the number and tried to talk to the person who obviously is not a "native English speaker".  Basically they want

      me to prove that I bought the software.  Trying to explain to them that I bought the software from Adobe did not compute with them.  Neither did

      my pointing out that they could easily look on the Adobe web page (as I was doing). to see the history of my purchases and the Adobe serial numbers for same.


      They wanted me to send them a screen shot of that page to prove that I purchased the software.   Idiots.  That made me think that they were just a marketing arm of some company trying to scam me, so I hung up.


      Un-fortunately they now have my name and telephone number, and have called me multiple times trying to go through the same bull.


      Interestingly, I just installed an Lightroom update that I downloaded from Adobe.com, and I am continuing to get the pop up that says my software is not Genuine.


      Is any one else having this problem with Adobe?


      Has any one figured out how to make this stupid pop-up to go away?


      Just curious.