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    Day 2, Ex. 5, Step 18: parse error

      At the end of step 18 in exercise5pdf of Day 2, I encounter the following error:

      Description Resource Path Location Type
      Parse error at '\n\t\tborderStyle=\"solid\" borderColor=\"#D4D4D4\"\n\t\tdropShadowEnabled=\"true\" dropShadowColor=\"#B3B3B3\"\n\t\tshadowDirection=\"right\" shadowDistance=\"10\" >\n\t'. ReservationForm.mxml AdobeODT/src/components line 2 Flex Problem

      This does not prevent me from running the app, but it is not mentioned in the tutorial, causing much angst and code searching - perhaps unnecessarily. If so, in the tutorial please provide the usual assurances. Otherwise, I'm stumped. Any ideas?
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          srowe3 Level 1
          The instructions are missing steps to add the following to the ReservationForm component:

          import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;

          [Bindable] public var selectedOptions:ArrayCollection;
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            KeelTomas Level 1

            Thank you. I'm guessing that this code does not add to the file separately (with a second <script> tag), but instead fits within the original script tag. These instructions suffer from the lack of an instructional designer. The instructional designer is completely ignorant, so they act as the link between the writer (subject matter expert) and the learner.


            Another thin area is the instruction for step 5 & 6. The first problem is the 'Outline View.' I'm thinking we mean the Source View and Outline panel.


            This is good stuff, and I appreciate it. Still, it is a shame that learners have to struggle so much after so much hard work went into this. You are close, you just need a learner advocate.