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    Flash v23.0.0.162 installs unwanted apps


      Dear Adobe,


      You need to immediately stop forcing unwanted apps on users. Today my browser said it was blocking an animated clock because of an outdated version of Flash Player. I downloaded and installed the latest kit. To my annoyance, the kit also installed two other apps: McAffee Security and Intel Trukey. I was not given any choice. I had to go to my Windows Control Panel and uninstall them.


      This is a heavy-handed, unprofessional practice that a premium company like Adobe should not be engaged in. You must give users the option to refuse such addon apps.


      What is your response?


      Michael F.


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          maria__ Adobe Employee



          The download page provides the opportunity to decline the optional offers:



          When the offers do not display it's usually due to ad-blockers and/or JavaScript being disabled.

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            Michael315 Level 1

            Thanks for the quick reply. I rechecked the download web page and it has a completely different center panel than your page. There is no mention of offers that can be declined.


            I have seen other apps that offer the option to decline these secondary apps as a step during the installation process. Adobe needs to revise its installation procedures to include a panel with check boxes that a user can uncheck before anything is installed. The current method of depending on a certain web page to display before the kit is downloaded is undependable, as the screen shot below shows. It is also frustrating since the user is unaware of the unexpected apps and must know how to uninstall them after the main application has finished the installation. Lastly, this practice leaves one with a negative impression of Adobe's business practices.


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              maria__ Adobe Employee

              Hi Michael315 ,

              Thanks for the screenshot.  Can you please private message me the URL to that page?  It's missing from the screenshot.


              To send a private message, click on my name to go to my profile and click on the message link.


              Thank you.



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                maria__ Adobe Employee

                Thank you.  I received your message and have escalated this to the team that handles the online installer page.