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    Slow / Lockup / Horrible Performance LR 2015.7

    DustinF00 Level 2

      Starting a new thread for new version of Lightroom - LR 2015.7 just updated and I continue to have horrible performance:


      - Graphics GPU Checked or not checked - still poor performance
      - Config file from previous thread to change its threading (background, whatever) - still poor performance

      - Optimize Catalog - still poor performance

      - New catalog - still poor performance

      - Change location of camera RAW file and LR Catalog - still poor performance

      - Turn on, turn off, enlarge or shrink Windows 10 Page File - Still poor performance

      - Turn Off start up applications, turn off Windows Malware/Spyware applications - still poor performance.

      - Enable Compatibility mode for windows 7, 8 or run it as an administrator (which you lose import drive and network drive connections) -- Still poor performance

      - Disconnect Network Drives that a majority of the LR Catalog knows about - still poor performance


      There are NO other applications that are performing poorly on this computer, the Disk Mark utilities show massive disk read and write speeds, Photoshop, Premier both work flawlessly.


      My largest issue is walking images in the strip in the develop module. Sometimes it can take 5-10 "Mississippi" counts before an image is changed to the one I selected, other times LR just goes "Not Respond" in the title bar, goes black, then recovers.


      Here is the link to the file for the help/about this PC from the details of LR - Dropbox - 2016-09-23_Adobe_Lightroom_HelpDetails.txt
      -- It says it doesnt detect a keyboard - is that odd? A Keyboard is connected and works in all the other applictions.


      Here is a link to the video of seeing the delays waiting on the gradient filter to show up, then trying to select other file, then seeing the screen go black (it also states that the application is not responding Dropbox - File Sep 23, 11 29 26 PM.mov


      Here are my drive speeds;

      Screenshot 2016-08-19 18.32.PNG

      Here is what the CPU/RAM/DISK configurations look like:

      Screenshot 2016-09-23 23.38.40.png


      Overall I am embedded in Lightroom, from keywords, to workflow, it just fits - I have converted a backup catalog to check out other programs - they do not have this type of performance issues.


      I am here to help - My Day Job is an engineer with networking/computers/IOT and the general Geek Stuff - My other work is a photographer. We can work together to get this performance issue cleaned up. I am willing to sign NDA, test Alpha, Beta, run special applications, run special configs, anything to help identify where the wait issue is.