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    Hoping the impossible IS possible


      My coworker and I created accident package for work that is now fillable on the computers.


      But we are running into 2 major hurdles.


      ONE: We want to add separate drop down boxes for all the vehicle's 4-digit ID number, license plate and VINs. I know we can add each but can they be associated?? Meaning if I type in vehicle # 4455, the license plate and VIN for that vehicle will be filled in correctly.


      TWO: Some pages are not needed for a particular accident (bus vs car vs minivan) but all pages must be submitted. We need to put a large N/A in the center of the page and a slash across that page of the vehicle we are not working on.


      Where you can tick a box and the N/A and slash appear (without affecting the page we do need).


      Is any of this (ONE & TWO) possible and if so please provide steps to accomplish it.


      Thank you so much.