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    Lightroom catalog import button dark




      I got back from a trip a few days ago with lots of photos to import, but upon starting Lightroom I found the Import function is not available in my primary collection. Both the dedicated Import button at the bottom left in grid view and the import options under File are greyed out and inactive. I switched to another catalog and there was no problem.
      When switching catalog from the first catalog I got the "not finished writing changes into XMP" warning and thought that might have something to do with it. I disabled that under Catalog Settings, but to no avail. It's been on and "writing changes" for over 16 hours now, so I'm thinking it might be stuck in that process, but still don't know if that's even relevant.
      I restarted Lightroom, restarted the computer, swore copiously...nothing seems to work. Any thoughts?

      Thanks, David