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    ase files

      Newbie - I have photoshop and illustrator CS4. I have downloaded some Kuler ASE files to the Desktop but where do I place them? I just don't have creative suite.
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          First Blood Part II

          For the colour swatches, I think you do not have to import them.
          Simply drag it from your desktop into the swatches panel in AI or
          in PS.

          But I do it on an other way. When you`ve got the CS 4, don`t matter
          if it`s the whole Creative Suite or an single application like Illustrator CS 4,
          you can open under the menu 'windows' the 'Kuler' - panel.
          Now you`ve got a window which you can move around in your workspace.
          It needs an internet connection to load the Kuler themes from the
          kuler.adobe.com website. But even in this application you can search
          your themes in names, Highest rated or Newest, etc. Then click on download or add it to you colour swatches panel. Then use it like you want. It`s so easy.
          And what`s great - you can create in this window "Kuler" your own themes and then upload on the Kuler website.

          I hope that is the thing you wanted to know and it helps your,

          Good luck and kind regards,

          Yours Rocky