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    Canvas rotation & Screen record


      First off I'd like to say thank you; I'm eternally greatful for Adobe draw and its increased my output and workflow ten fold. I was curious if there were any plans to incorporate full rotation of the canvas and more important to me, any plans for in app screen record/timelapse capability to share directly to social media?





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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Mike,


          Lately we've been getting an increasing number of requests to enable finger rotation of the canvas but I don't know whether it's a feature that's being considered (just want to make sure you know about the Rotate Canvas 90° behind the Gear icon in the upper nav of an open canvas).


          I do know, however, that there is serious discussion about adding recording functionality to the drawing apps.... but I'm not sure about the timeline for incorporating it into Draw (and/or Sketch).


          I know that's not very much information for you, but I'll definitely share your requests with the product team(s).


          Hope that helps a bit. (I'm glad Draw's so useful to you.)



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            mikegrimaldi Level 1

            Thanks so much for the response Sue. I'm aware of the 90 rotate canvas but have found it faster to just rotate the iPad itselfat this point. It's great to hear that recording functionality is being discussed and I feel it would be very much taken full advantage of by Draw and Sketch users.

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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

              You're welcome Mike.


              Just wish I had more concrete information for you.