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    Do I need to open Fotolia account?


      I have no Fotolia account.

      Do I need to open Fotolia account at all? Will my photos be sold automatically via Fotolia if I use just Adobe Stock service?

      I upload my photos to Adobe Stock directly from Lightroom or from my computer hard disk via Upload option on Adobe Stock page.

      Who does review them, Adobe Stock staff or Fotolia staff?

      Can I see/find ptotos from my AS portfolio on Fotolia site using Fotolia search service?

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          Mat Hayward Level 2

          Hi @sanderl909,


          Thanks for writing. No need to create a Fotolia account. All content you submit through Adobe Stock Contributor portal will be reviewed for both sites. Once approved your files are mirrored through both. All sales from Fotolia will be paid into your Adobe Stock account.


          Files are reviewed by a team of moderators.


          Yes, you can see your content at Fotolia. The image ID numbers are the same at both sites so you can type one of your images into the search at Fotolia to bring it up.


          Kind regards,


          Mat Hayward

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            Hello. Since I can not write in support, I write here.I can't sync Fotolia Adobe / Adobe Stock .