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    Flash Player 19 to 23 XP installation problem


      I cannot get the FlashPlayer 23 update to install having downloaded it twice following prompts on the monitor.

      It downloads as: flashplayer23au_ha_install

      When I double click on it, nothing happens.

      I do have a version of Flash Player that works if i activate it. It could be FP19 or FP18. Both they and earlier versions were downloaded

      I just clicked on FP19 and got the Run option, clicked it, and got a Installation Error message, but imagine that is OK if it is already installed

      When I used this Adobe website, about 30 minutes ago,  to check my version it seemd to state that  I have Flash Player 21 but I don't.

      Do I need to download any other files such as FP 20, 21, and 22 and, if so, where are they?

      Or is there another answer?

      The gap in me downloading FP's 20, 21, 22 was because I was having problems with my computer over several months that my ISP sorted out.

      I use Windows XP and Firefox..