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    Toolbar buttons in wrong order on the server

    Ben Minson Level 2
      Time to call for backup.

      I have a couple of CSH FlashHelp projects where I specify the following toolbar button order in the SSL dialog:

      Contents (default)

      However, after the generated help goes to the various application builds, the buttons show in this order: Contents, Index, Glossary, Search. (Wrong order and no Print button.)

      I got a developer's help when we first found this problem, and he tracked the button order to the whcshdata.htm file. After I generate, it contains the following line, after all the CSH/topic associations:

      addWindow("[window name]",false,30,"10%","3%","60%","75%","[window title here]",2,0,"toc|ndx|gls|nls","toc");

      Note the wrong button order. It looks on the surface like it's ignoring my specifications. The funny thing is that even with this wrong order, the toolbar buttons show up correctly when I open the help from my hard drive by double-clicking the start page. The malfunction is when the help files are on a server.

      To fix this, I have to manually change "toc|ndx|gls|nls" to "toc|nls|ndx|gls|prt" and check that file in to the repository in order to get the right order and the Print button. (It's not a problem if I haven't introduced any changes to my map file, because then I just don't check whcshdata.htm in to source control. But if I have made changes, then I have to tweak the file again.)

      Anyone know what the problem could be? I've just rolled with it for months, ever since the problem popped up in one of the production systems and we fixed it with the manual tweak. But I'd like to get to the root of this if possible. Thanks all,