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    Table of Contents when making a "Book" (.indb)

    Philip B1992 Level 1

      Hi Folks,


      I have a question about the table of contents when creating a "Book" (.indb).


      First a little background.

      I have a bunch of 2-3 page documents (about 100 documents) that I need to be able to organize into a book easily with the File>New>Book... option. It is super easy except for one thing, I cannot get the table of contents to acknowledge any of the other documents in the book. It just stays blank. The TOC is set up just fine and works if I import the pages from one document into another large document but it doesn't work in the "Book" method. I need to have non-designer folks with just about no training do this often. These people will have to rearrange the short modular documents pretty regularly so I am hoping to stick with the "Book" method rather than having folks mess with pages (to reduce the chance of altering the designs).


      Does anyone have a quick solution or know of an existing tutorial? If not I would appreciate any other help you can offer.