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    Fireworks export folder

    sebastianp98175778 Level 1

      Hi to everyone and thanks in advance. I'm a long time user of Fireworks CS6 - win 7. Last weeks I don't know what happened but when I export and image (tried every export setting and always the same) it remembers last folder used of the last file opened. Example:

      1- Open one.fw.png

      2- Export one.jpg in folder C./one

      3- Create two.fw.png in folder C:/two

      4- Export two.jpg and it takes me to C:/one instead of exporting it to where the .fw.png is in (C:/two)

      5- If I change the export folder (in step 4) to C:/two, and close the file, then open it again, it will remember C:/two as the folder for that file, which is correct.

      6- If I make a new file three.fw.png, save it to C:/three and export a jpg it will export it to the last folder used, in this case C:/two.


      This is very frustating on my everyday work with long paths.


      Does anyone know how to solve this?

      best regards!