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    Migrate PC to Mac


      my PC directory for my pictures is C:\pictures\users\jimdad\pictures


      my PC directory for my catalog is C:\lr5ciib\LR5_PSE11_Import_from_LT_2013_06_15


      my LR6 catalog name is LR5__PSE11_Import_from_LT_2013_06_15-2.lrcat


      my LR6 data directory is named LR5_PSE11_Import_from_LT_2013_06_15-2 Previews.lrdata


      I would like your help in migrating LR6 pics and catalog from the PC to the Mac

      I already am running  LR6 on the Mac


      I tried to copy .lrcat and .lrdata and the pics to the Mac.

      I ended up with 27k worth of missing pics.


      Sincerely, Jim C