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    Multiwindow crash and fix suggestion


      Dear Adobe Android team. I have a feature suggestion that I think would help build value in your app for consumers, for what should hopefully be minimal work on your side. It would also help to resolve a reproducible crash explained in paragraph 3.


      You recently stated in the patch log that your app now officially supports multiwindow. That's great, however what would be even better is if you allowed multiple instances of your app to be run in those windows. Whether in splitscreen, via freeform windows, or on Chromebooks it would be nice if you could open each pdf in it's own android "activity", allowing them to be run side by side.


      Currently if you force two activities of Adobe reader to open and try to open PDFs in them it crashes. For example, a user trying to use "Parallel Windows for Nougat" will encounter a crash with your app. I'd assume this is because it tries to use the same scratch files for both activities, though I haven't actually debugged that far. Opening the activities works fine. And they work if you open a PDF in either one of them, but crash if you open a PDF in both.



      Just fixing that and making it activity safe would add a lot of value for power users while also helping to prevent random crashes of your app for normal users.


      If it wouldn't be too much more work however, maybe you could add the option to automatically open each PDF as a separate instance. This would allow quickly switching between recent pdfs in the android overview (since each would be it's own activity it would stay loaded as long as memory is available and gracefully unload when it's memory is needed), as well as natively supporting both split screen, freeform multiwindow, and I believe Chromebooks. It would add an extra level of value for your normal users in addition to the earlier benefits.