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    Adobe Sketch selection tool


      Hi all.


      Im hoping you may have an answer to my question. I'm loving Adobe sketch on the iPad Pro but I have an issue. Is there a marquee/ selection tool in the application? I'm using the application to design characters and would be the icing on the cake for me if I can select -> move/ duplicate certain parts.


      Im aware of the layer moving option, but that doesnt suffice unfortunately. If it cant do it, is there any other adobe paps for iPad that can? Or any other apps, but bare in mind that I love being a part of the premium Adobe ecosystem.


      thanks in advance all!



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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Daniel.


          Selection and transform tools are requested often but there currently aren't any in Sketch (or Draw), as are copy & paste. I know the drawing teams know that people are hoping for the inclusion of these types of tools, but I don't know whether they will make it into the app.


          I'm sorry, I don't know of any current Adobe apps that have that function. I will share your comments with the product team.



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            anniew89350460 Level 1

            As a workaround to this I usually duplicate my layer, erase everthing I don't want to transform, and then transform the whole layer. I agree that having a selection tool would be awesome!

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              Hi Dan,


              Same here. Try Notes Plus (worth the one-time low cost investmen). Has all the functionality I wish adobe apps incorporated for marquee / selecting, editing vector shapes and more, except it's designed more for handwriting than drawing, so the pen tool UX/UI is not great and limited. I use it mainly for quick concept sketching / storyboards and for general notes and journaling. Has a neat gesture feature to scratch out a word to erase—amazing UX while writing, but super frustrating when drawing, so I flip a switch in preferences when focused on drawing.


              Hope that helps...