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    Impress us with views/sales number on AS


      Hello everybody!

      Are there any people who can impress us with views/sales number on AS?

      I have just 54 photos accepted, more in review mode, but no/zero views not to tell about sales. )

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          Mat Hayward Level 2

          Hello sanderl90906377,


          Thanks for writing. I can't share specific numbers with you thought I can tell you that there are many contributors earning significant income submitting to Adobe Stock. I will tell you this, you will get out of it what you put into it. My recommendation while you are getting started is to focus on creating content and submitting. Be diligent with keywording to make sure your images are seen. It takes time to build up your porftolio but once that happens, if your content is good your sales will come.


          Good luck!


          Mat Hayward