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    System Requirement

    btg raj

      I have two laptop and I am looking to buy Premiere Pro CC . My question is can I use Adobe Premiere Pro CC on any of below system

      1) Operating System: Windows 7

      Processors : 2.20GHs

      RAM : 2 GB

      System Type : 32 bit operating system


      2) Operating System: Windows 8.1

      Processors : Intel(R) Core(TM) i3- 4005U CPU @ 1.7 GHz (4 CPUs), 1.7GHz

      RAM : 4 GB

      System Type : 64 bit operating system


      Please guide

      Many thanks


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          RjL190365 Level 5

          Premiere Pro CC absolutely requires a 64-bit system with a 64-bit OS just to even run at all. (This automatically eliminates the first laptop that's in your post from consideration.) What's more, the other laptop that's in your post will not run Premiere Pro CC anywhere near adequately well - or put it this way, Premiere Pro CC will run excruciatingly sluggishly on that i3 laptop (rendering even a few minutes of 1080p24 content would take several hours), in light of its lack of sufficient system RAM and its resulting lack of MPE GPU acceleration (I knew that the Intel HD 4400 integrated graphics did support OpenCL MPE GPU acceleration but the inclusion of only 4GB of system RAM in that i3 laptop left an insufficient amount of available RAM to even enable MPE GPU acceleration at all).

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            btg raj Level 1

            Hi thank you so much for your reply. Considering your sugestion firstly I have to first buy a latest new laptop and then I have to go for Premier Pro CC. Many thanks 

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

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